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How are you doing? How can I help?

Carrying a child for 9 months is exhausting but the real work begins once baby gets home. RallyCare will answer your question... How can I help you?

When a loved one is under the weather or has a long term illness, support is always appreciated. RallyCare will answer your question... What can I do for you?

Surgery or an unexpected injury can leave a loved one virtually helpless. RallyCare will answer your question... What do you need?

Convert Good Intentions Into Real Time Coordinated Support


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Founder and CEO
Serial entrepreneur in emerging markets and technology
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Mark Honorof

Technology veteran and visionary.
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Russell Kohn

Seasoned innovator, technology manager and amateur winemaker.
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Sheryl Turner

Executive Director
Veteran non-profit professional. Member of various non-profit boards of directors and consultant to numerous Southern California non-profit organizations.

What Can I do? How Can I help?